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From banks to B2B companies, CEO messages to breaking news; thanks to the tech-innovation revolution today we receive our most important communications right in the palm of our hands, via smartphones or tablets. Social media, mobile and digital technology have profoundly changed the way we share and consume information, manage our news and communicate as companies; as corporate communicators we need to be in step with the digital revolution. How can communications benefit from these new opportunities and what are the implications for internal and external communications?

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The Asia-Pacific Communications Award celebrates the finest communications, PR and public affairs work in Asia-Pacific. Our 12 categories will explore the diversity of the contemporary communications functions and provide a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of communications in the region.



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Vanessa Eggert

Head of Coordination Team // Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors

Sebastian Lang

Coordinator Summit // Asia-Pacific Communications Summit

Thi-Thuc Tran

Coordination Team // Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors

Helge Schlüter

Partnership Coordinator // Asia-Pacific Communications Summit
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