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The Asia-Pacific Communications Awards celebrate the finest communications, PR and public affairs work in the Asia-Pacific region. Outstanding achievements, innovative strategies and projects are being honoured. Showcase your very best work and present your cases to our expert Jury at our live Jury Meeting on 14 November!

Jury Meeting: 14 November 2017, Hong Kong
Award Show: 15 November, 2017, Hong Kong

Present your best cases in front of our expert Jury

Our high-level Jury is made up of leading corporate communicators and public affairs professionals and demonstrates our pan-regional network and collective expertise. The jury members’ range of expertise covers the whole of Asia-Pacific, and were carefully drawn from APACD board members, country coordinators and working group leaders.


Choose the right categories for you and your projects!

This year, the Jury will also invite the most promising campaign within the Asia-Pacific region to present their case at the live Jury Meeting (“Best of the Best” Award). They are looking for a project which stands out for its innovation and visibility. The Jury of the Asia-Pacific Communications Awards will choose the nominees of this category.

Special Achievements

By making use of communications campaigns and projects, as well as using carefully selected communications channels, a company can spread their designated messages onto their target groups. The Asia-Pacific Communications Award in this category rewards the campaign or project, which uses communication tools most intelligently to keep their eclectic target groups well informed and mobilised with a proven forward-thinking outlook.

Institutions, ministries and parties are entrusted to work towards the good of society as a whole. Their ability to connect with the populace is what gets them into office in the first place – and keeps them there in the long run. The best campaigns or projects initiated by an institution will be rewarded in this category.

Navigating through the world of PR in the Asia-Pacific region can be quite tricky: providing clients with valuable counsel and offering high-quality execution ideas. This category distinguishes an agency which has performed best cases with unusual, creative campaigns and excellent consultation within the last year.

This category is designed to specifically reward a professional that is leading us into the next era of communications. It will recognise an individual of the age of 30 and under who has worked on outstanding communications projects that were implemented successfully and deals with innovative ideas.

Please note: This category is free of charge.

Corporate Communications

Please note: Applications in this category are from in-house communicators only.

In-house networks, wikis, internal blogs, and social media channels create a wide range of possibilities for a company to ensure that everyone inside the organisation is reading from the same page. This category rewards holistic and sustainable internal communications that takes the skills of employees into account and gains acceptance from the workforce.

Making sure that an organisation is on target with its public image ambitions is a never-ending challenge. Remaining aware, sensitive and responsive to issues that might affect your organisation’s reputation is a vital part of successful practice and is the key to winning this category.

Producing concise, accurate and tactful information regularly, whether it is from business to business or from business to client, is at the very core of external publications. The Asia-Pacific Communications Awards will go to the external publication (e.g. annual report, CSR report, magazine, newsletter) which manages to capture its target audience in an efficient way.

Digital Communications

Social media is becoming an increasingly important weapon in the communicator’s arsenal despite the numerous risks associated. The winner of this category will display a well-defined social media strategy that has improved perception of the organisation and helped them reach new audiences.

As internet users are becoming less willing to read long texts, videos are an excellent way to bring one’s message across. Be it a testimonial or demonstration of a software, a filmed lecture or something funny or intriguing, people enjoy watching movies.

Having a healthy communication and information resource in the form of a highly efficient online platform is important regardless of the size of an organisation. This can be a blog, a website or microsite, an intranet or a mobile app). The winning online platform connects the organisation to itself and to its client and partner base, providing a multi-directional information sharing platform.

Projects & Strategies

Corporate Responsibility is the way your organisation gives back to make a difference in the lives of your stakeholders and the great good of the world. It is the code of ethics and standards corporations undertake to better themselves raise the bar not only for the benefit of the organisation but also for the betterment of the community. Communicating activities to the public is a crucial element in the success of CR campaigns or projects.

There are countless events every year. Which of them stand out and do remain in memory? In this category, we distinguish the event which persuaded visitors with exciting subjects and formats. This can be a congress, an exhibition, a discussion group or a corporate event.

A coordinated and diversified use of communications channels creates a robust and often more direct relationship with stakeholders. Both offline and online tools can be used for a coherent and cohesive ways of communicating with different segments of the public. The category “Multi-Channel Communications” will be given to a campaign or a project that uses its tools in an orchestrated manner.

In an era of information overflow, it has become vital for organisations and parties to influence the publics´ opinion through honest and authentic “stories” and thus secure their attention in a unique way. The Asia-Pacific Communications Awards will honour a stand-out campaign that uses the storytelling tool efficiently.

In order to build and deepen the consumers’ relationship with a brand, smart and innovative campaigns are needed. That’s why this category celebrates new strategies that go beyond the well-trodden paths and explore new territory.

With the release of a new product or the relaunch of an older product, every company hopes that it will be well received and surpass expectations. A smooth and targeted product launch is critical to its success, but creating such a scenario requires not only a great product but great minds behind its introduction to the market.

We’ve often heard that “content is king”, but a king is powerless without his loyal emissaries to carry out his decrees throughout the realm. That’s why this category recognises award-worthy content that clicks with bloggers, brand ambassadors and other influencers and inspires them to spread the word.


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The Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors (APACD) provides a network for mid- to senior-level in-house communication professionals from all fields and industry across Asia-Pacific. We offer a forum to exchange and network amongst peers, to advance professional qualifications and to jointly establish common quality standards. Even at this early stage in APACD‘s development, over 600 communicators have signaled their dedication to cross-border exchange, transparency, qualification and knowledge by joining the association.

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Sent to over 15 countries across Asia Pacific, Communication Director is the official partner magazine to the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors. Each issue we feature articles by communication leaders at major organisations as well as by internationally-recognised academics, and are read by opinion leaders in communications, PR and public affairs. We provide insight into those themes most important in the communications and public relations sphere, including digital, internal communications and crisis communications to name a few.


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